This page contains a selection of my conference talks and posters. See also publications, software.

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Presentations and talks

  • (pdf) 2023 A componentwise accurate shift technique for M-matrix algebraic Riccati equations 25th ILAS conference, Madrid (Spain).
  • (pdf) 2023 Centrality measures on Markov chains, with applications to roads and infection models Aalto University, Espoo (Finland).
  • (pdf) 2022 Splittings of (block) Hessenberg M-matrices Alama-ALN2GG conference, Alcalá de Henares (Spain).
  • (pdf) 2022 An edge centrality measure based on the Kemeny constant 24th ILAS conference, Galway (Ireland).
  • (pdf) 2020 Computing the nearest stable matrix via optimization on matrix manifolds Oselot (Online Seminar on Linear Algebra and Operator Theory), online.
  • (pdf) 2019 Principal pivot transforms, structured matrices, and matrix equations ILAS 2019: Linear Algebra Without Borders, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
  • (pdf) 2019 A new algorithm for time-dependent first-return probabilities of a fluid queue 10th Matrix Analytic Methods Conference, Hobart (Australia).
  • (pdf) 2018 Solution analysis and continuation algorithms for multilinear pagerank GAMM 2018, Munich (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2017 Quadratic Vector Equations and Multilinear Pagerank Networks: from Matrix Functions to Quantum Physics, Oxford (UK).
  • (pdf) 2017 When is a system of Sylvester-like matrix equations well posed? Mathematical Colloquium, Osijek (Croatia).
  • (pdf) 2017 Counting Fiedler pencils using diagrams 88th GAMM annual meeting, Weimar (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2016 Inverse-free and permuted bases methods for algebraic Riccati equations 7th European Congress on Mathematics, Berlin (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2016 Interval arithmetic methods to verify the stabilizing solution of an algebraic Riccati equation ILAS Conference, Leuven (Belgium).
  • (pdf) 2016 Componentwise accurate numerical methods for Markov-modulated Brownian motion 9th Matrix Analytic Methods Conference, Budapest (Hungary).
  • (pdf) 2015 Cyclic reduction and index reduction/shifting for a second-order probabilistic problem VM60 conference, Berlin (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2014 Multivariate time series estimation via projections and matrix equations Structured Numerical Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Kalamata (Greece).
  • (pdf) 2014 Permuted graph bases for structured subspaces and pencils 4th IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimisation, Birmingham (UK).
  • (pdf) 2014 Triplet representations for matrix equations in queuing theory (poster) Householder Symposium, Spa (Belgium).
  • (pdf) 2014 Algorithms for matrix functions and equations Congresso GNCS, Montecatini (Italy).
    Talk summarizing a joint research project — contains many individual results (not all mine) quickly sketched.
  • (pdf) 2014 Probabilistic interpretations and accurate algorithms for stochastic fluid models University of Adelaide (Australia).
    Talk given during a research visit.
  • (pdf) 2013 Permuted Graph Bases for Solving Large and Sparse Matrix Equations (poster) MATHEON workshop “Compressed sensing and its applications”, Berlin (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2013 Duality of matrix pencils, singular pencils and linearizations 2013 ILAS Meeting, Providence (USA).
  • (pdf) 2013 Perturbing Palindromic Matrix Equations to Make Them Solvable FUN13 Advances in Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations, Manchester (UK).
  • (pdf) 2013 Estimating Econometric Models through Matrix Equations No Free Lunch Seminar, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa (Italy).
    On the same topic as the Varese one, but targeted to a different audience.
  • (pdf) 2012 Model estimation through matrix equations in financial econometrics Workshop When probability meets computation, Varese (Italy).
  • (pdf) 2012 A projection method for the solution of large-scale Lur’e equations 83rd GAMM conference, Darmstadt (Germany).
  • (pdf) 2011 The benefits of changing identity — in Lagrangian subspaces and doubling algorithms Workshop on matrix equations and tensor techniques, Aachen (Germany).
    When all you have is a hammer…
  • (pdf) 2011 There is no free mean: constructing cheaper matrix geometric means (or the impossibility thereof) ILAS Conference 2011, Braunschweig (Germany).
    Presenting the paper “Constructing matrix geometric means”, ELA.
  • (pdf) 2011 Two numerical methods for the solution of Lur’e equations Matrix Methods in Mathematics and Applications, Moscow (Russia).
    On my new control theory topics.
  • (pdf) 2011 Algorithms for nonnegative quadratic vector equations 18th Householder Symposium, Lake Tahoe, CA (USA).
    Lots of bunnies!
  • (pdf) 2010 Algorithms for quadratic matrix equations in probability (With an eye to similarities with Control Theory) TU Berlin, Doktoranden- und Diplomanden-Seminar Numerische Mathematik.
  • (pdf) 2009 Geometric means of more than two matrices SIAM Applied Linear Algebra Conference, Monterey, CA (USA); minisymposium on functions of matrices.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2009 Medie, baricentri e matrici. Un problema tra il classico e il moderno.
    On the same topic as the Monterey one, but for a popular science talk given for the Mathesis association, Bergamo (Italy).
  • (pdf) 2008 Some implementation issues on the GKO algorithm. Structured Linear Algebra Problems: Analysis, Algorithms, and Applications, Cortona (Italy).
    Based on the paper A note on the O(n)-storage implementation of the GKO algorithm, see below.
  • (pdf) 2007 Exploiting displacement structure in the solution of a class of nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations. 2nd international conference on matrix methods and operator equations, Moscow (Russia).
    Based on my master thesis work.