Theses, seminars and projects that I did during my studies. Mostly outdated or not very interesing material—check out my research page for better things.


  • (pdf) 2010 Ph.D. thesis: Algorithms for quadratic matrix and vector equations.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2007 master (graduate) thesis: Metodi per la soluzione veloce di una classe di equazioni di Riccati algebriche.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2005 bachelor thesis: Fattorizzazione canonica e trasformata discreta di Fourier in un problema di teoria delle code. Does not contain original research material.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2002 Una dimostrazione elementare dell'ellitticità delle orbite, small dissertation presented for my high school diploma. Contains a modification to the more-or-less-elementary proof by Richard Feynman that the planetary orbits are elliptical

Exams and old projects

These are old projects I did while studying, for exams, colloquia, or similar stuff. Published here just because you might like them.
  • (pdf) 2008 short but more-or-less optimized MATLAB subroutine to solve the Stokes equation with the 'Mini' finite element method.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2006 Presentation on the asymptotic complexity of matrix multiplication. The slides do not contain enough detail to be a complete self-contained exposition, they were just a support for a blackboard presentation.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2006 Short essay on the basis of classification using support vector machines. For an Operations Research exam.
  • (tgz) 2006 A program to cluster strings based on common words, using graph eigenvalue techniques. For a Web Search Algorithms exam. Just a proof of concept, nearly undocumented.
  • (tgz) (italian) 2006 A simple command-line phonebook program that supports searches using tries. Made for my Algorithms and Data Structures exam.
  • (pdf) (italian) 2004 Problemi di partizione e copertura, short essay for my Operations Research exam.

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